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App available for Android, Iphone. Check Vaastu will enable you to know whether the property in question is poor, very poor, excellent, or very excellent..

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Who are we?

Vaastu is one of the most ancient sciences of Architecture. In today’s super-fast, super stressed world, it is only through following correct Vaastu that one can be in harmony with the laws of Nature. Check Vaastu is a free smartphone app designed to check the Vaastu compliance of any real estate property irrespective of its type or geographical location in just four simple steps:

1. Download globally popular Check Vaastu App from the App Store.
2. Enter the type and direction of property.
3. Stand at the center of the property & submit all mandatory (*) fields.
4. Find out the Vaastu Rating of your property instantly!

Check Vaastu has been carefully designed with robust algorithms based on some of the world’s greatest Vedic books to provide reliable results. As per statistics, only 15% of property buyers can follow Vaastu due to lack of available resources. Vaastu followers often get trapped by making the wrong investment due to lack of free reliable resources or an expert. Bad Vaastu can result in long-term setbacks in life.

Check Vaastu is your own personal pocket sized Vaastu expert.

The research team at Check Vaastu understands the needs of the society in the real estate arena, and has therefore, collaborated with a renowned technical partner from the South to develop a user-friendly app to help Vaastu followers free of cost. The application has already crossed 5000+ downloads on Android and iOS combined within a span of just 15 days from over 15 countries. This smartphone app also provides an option to upload layout plans of the property in JPEG format and write their concerns for better guidance. This option allows the user to request a detailed personalized report for a very nominal fee.

The app does exactly what the name says, “Check Vaastu”.

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How it works?

Check Vaastu brings you an instant Vaastu report in just four simple steps:

Free version

We have free version to cater the basic vaastu check

Get Vaastu Report

Now get your property Vaastu report in just 4 simple steps

Simple & Quick

It's very simple and quick to get your property Vaastu check.

Paid version

We have paid version to provide extended service

Easy to follow

Check Vaastu is very easy to follow no previous knowledge necessary

Detailed Vaastu Report

Now get more detailed and expertised personalised Vaastu report in just 24 hours

Upload property pictures

You can upload pictures of your property to get detailed analysis

Online material

You can purchase online materials and tips